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Our Story

Bread makes itself, by your kindness, with your help, with imagination streaming through you, with
dough under hand, you are breadmaking itself. This is why breadmaking is extraordinarily fulfilling and
rewarding. Love is not only the most important ingredient, it is the only ingredient that really matters.




Gluten-safe primordial grain from the dawn of agriculture

Einkorn is an ancient grain that makes delicious breads, pizza, pastries and more.

Einkorn is the highest in protein and trace minerals of all grains!

It is low-glycemic and high in micronutrients and antioxidants.

If you are sensitive to modern wheat, einkorn may be a delicious alternative. Einkorn is “gluten safe” for many people who have wheat and gluten sensitivities, but not appropriate for celiacs.










































































































































































































































































Join Eli Rogosa at the Soil & Nutrition Conference, Nov 29-30


$24 for Book & oz Banatka Heritage Winter Wheat

FREE Gift-wrapping and gift card on request

GIFT BOX: 'Restoring Heritage Grains' Book, Heritage Wheat Seed & 5 lbs Einkorn Flour- gift wrapped in colorful paper with a festive card $42

Our einkorn, collected by Eli in Europe, is grown by Klaas Martens. Every order is milled fresh the day it is shipped. Nothing is removed. All the natural goodness stays in.

Video of Eli Rogosa restoring rare wheats on Seed Ark Farm

from 'The Story of Seed

The Neolithic diet is similiar to the Mediterranean diet but with a greater abundance of wild-gathered greens and gluten-safe sprouted or fermented ancient landrace grains (ie einkorn) with beans and legumes, nuts and seeds, occassional dairy, fish or meat (two or three times a week) fruits, spiced with wild herbs and plenty of physical activity with a connectedness to nature. No processed foods or sugar.

Song of the Wheat Harvest

We welcome visitors to our Western Mass Biodiversity Farm - Please email first.

Simple way to make Toast.

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Heritage Wheat

Restore a resilient diversity of Landrace Wheat.


Restore a Noah's Ark of biodiversity in your farm or garden.

We welcome seed-savers to work with us to restore landrace wheats.

tJoin our Community Seed Bank to help us restore SINSKAYA, an almost-extinct partially hull-less einkorn !!

$25 Membership +

Members receive a packet of heritage wheat - your choice. Send back an oz of your best harvest next year, we'll send you back any variety we offer.




































































































































































































































































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The American Wheat Culturist, 444p, (1868)

Classification of American Wheat Varieties, 239p (1923)

The Basis for Improving American Wheat, Mark Carleton, 110p, (1900)

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