Welcome to Bread Camp

a week-long celebration of food traditions, ancient and heritage grains, artisan baking, healing foods, bread arts, song and community. Our program offers artisan baking and traditional food art workshops led by expert bakers, artists and grandmothers in the rustic setting of a 40 acre organic farm and camp retreat on the shore of Midcoast Maine (maineoceancamping,com), with a stunning timber-framed community kitchen for shared meals, wood-burning ovens, pristine seashore for swimming and kayaking, camping options ranging from tenting to individual cottages, hiking paths, sheep and goats, and an artist-in-residence program, located 5 miles north of Belfast, steeped in the maritime heritage of Searsport, Maine.

Contact : growseed@yahoo.com to be involved.

Our workshops and resources focus in three themes:

1. Restoring ancient and heritage grains on the verge of extinction,

2. Artisan baking using landrace grains, sourdough
and wood burning ovens, and

3. Celebrating the culture, cuisine and arts from
the ancestral homelands of ancient and heritage grains

Program Overview

8/22 - Sunday: Arrive, Meet and explore the land and sea

8/23 - Monday: Soil, Terroir and Whole Farm - Mark Fulford
Taste of the Land, How rtf baking in a wood-fired oven,
Make Clay Taboun Oven to bring home,
Myths, Folklore and Food, Make Ricotta Cheese
* Bake Pastiera (aka Shavuot Ricotta Cheese Cake): Ancient Italian Fertility Festive Cake

8/24 - Tuesday: Seed, Biodiversity and Stories - Eli Rogosa
Evolution of Wheat Biodiversity, Sharing Recipes and Stories from our Heritage,
* Neolithic Diet, Biblical Breads - Emmer, Einkorn, Barley, Durum, Cycles on the Land
* Make Pita, Noodles, Mezze and Dips

8/25 - Wednesday: Food as Medicine - Fermentation for Healthy Breads - TBA
* Make Sprout Breads, Gluten-Safe Breads, Flax Breads
Enlivening Water by Stirring

8/26 - Thursday: Sourdough Breads - John Melquist - Michel Jubinsky - pending
* Einkorn Sourdough Sprout Breads
* Sourdough Bread in a Dutch Oven
* Rye Bread

8/27 - Friday: Bread from the Earth - Caucasus Mountain Grandmothers
* Lavash - Armenian Flatbread, Stuffed Lavash, Flax Flatbread
* Kachapuri - Georgian Cheese Bread

8/28 - Saturday: Bread Art, Festive Decorative Breads
Gourmet Pizza
Chocolate Babka

8/29 - Sunday: Building our Home Baking Network