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A freshly baked loaf of bread can be one of life's great pleasures, especially if you grow, harvest, mill and bake it yourself. Not only is whole grain sourdough bread the heart of a satisfying meal, but it is a rich theme for Farm-to-Table learning. Growing and baking bread is a foundation for healthy nutrition, soil science, breeding, art and entrepreuneurial projects, and a gateway to explore family and world heritage food traditions. Contact us for our individualized educational kits fwith a collection of heritage wheat seeds unique to your region. The New England Heritage Wheat seed kit contains rare Vermont, Massachusettsheritage wheats grown in the 1800s, Black Winter Emmer, with educational materials about New England seed-savers.


$30 Educational Kit includes 3 heritage wheat packets, e-Seed-Saving Guidebook, Growing Guidelines, article on Cyrus Pringle

Workshop - A Taste of History - Baking with Ancient Grains 

Learn how to bake artisan breads with rare ancient wheats. Join us on a tasting-journey from the dawn of agriculture with einkorn and emmer. Bake biblical sprouted wheat breads with authentic Ancient grains, based on Eli's work with the Israel genebank and Talmudic research in the Hebrew Goddess. Learn how to bake nourishing sour dough bread with our wood-fired mobile oven to restore a living foodways for today.

Baking bread in a traditional taboun in Jerusalem

Bake organic einkorn bread in our mobile wood-fired oven

Contact Eli: growseed@yahoo.com

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Heritage Wheat Conservancy collection of over 300 delicious heritage wheat that we are trialing on our Biodiversity Farm and the UMass organic research farm.