Zarei Moreshet Baladi

Seeds of our Traditions

an NGO of traditional farmers, gardeners and bakers working together to restore our traditional foodcrops and local cuisine. We are devoted
to restoring landrace and heirloom seeds and the indigenous knowledge of Israel and Palestine to nourish biodiversity and cultural diversity.

Who we are:

 Chaim and Petra Feldman, seed-savers and farmers at Havah ve'Adam Farm in Modin

 Eli Rogosa, baker and seed-saver of ancient wheat


Ayman, traditional baker in his 300 year old Shawar Bakery in the Old City Jerusalem

 Yiftach, artisan baker at Sataf near Jerualem

Wadi Fukin,

a small village nestled between Jerusalem and Bethlehem, has flowing pure spring water, fertile soil and traditional farmer-seed-savers that maintain a vast biodiversity of indigenous foodcrops. 'Debea' is an ancient landrace wheat from biblical times that has been carefully selected over generations for delicious flavor and robusts health.


Atif, Wadi Fukin wheat farmer

 Wadi Fukin Debea Wheat


Wadi Fukin field and irrigation pond

Food is central to our being, our culture and our relationship to other living beings on our planet. Farming is at the core of how each person interacts with their environment. As our farming and food systems become industries, our connection to ecological living on the land is being lost. The Mideast is the ancestral home for many world foods yet due to the turmoil that plagues the region that biodiversity is endangered. By growing, saving seeds and marketing our indigenous foodcrops, each of us can help restore and celebrate our irreplaceable shared food heritage rooted in Jerusalem.

Our Goals

- To work together to save our heritage wheats from extinction by growing, baking and marketing cooperation

- To steward our biodiversity for ecological farming, in ways that foster the cultural diversity that sustains healthy land and people.

- To draw on our shared love of farming and food arts to foster coexistence between the diverse peoples of our region; through mutual understanding and practical cooperation, we will nourish the true one path - that is peace.


How you can help nourish peace in the Mideast:


1. Host a Local Arab - Jewish Potluck

to share locally-grown, traditional cuisine to celebrate our shared love of food and farming


2. Buy 'Zarei Moreshet Baladi' food products

to conserve almost-extinct ancient wheats grown by tradtional farmers - on-line shuk coming soon of:

* frikeh - roasted spring baladi wheat-, * Ethiopian Emmer Wheat, the variety used to bake the original matzah, * Einkorn,


3. Visit the Shawar Bakery in the Old City of Jerusalem.

to taste the delicious traditionally baked breads and sweet baked goods, and for traditonal baking workshops


Ethiopian Rabbis with Torah

 ancient biblical emmer wheat has been conserve by Ethiopian-Jews for generations

Supporting traditional farmers to earn a living by buying indigenous foodcrops


Ethiopian mother preparing 'aja' ancient emmer wheat

For information on how to be involved, contact Eli Rogosa: