Northeast Organic Wheat

Organic farmers and traditional bakers working together to develop delicious artisan wheats

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'Northeast Organic Wheat' is an initiative to develop local wheat-to-bread systems by advancing the knowledge and skills of on-farm breeding and selection for locally-adapted wheats for high quality artisan products. Our goal is to foster the local networks, skills, tools and seeds for climate resilient, diversified, small-scale farming systems. We will disseminate our methodologies, improved wheat genepools and results to researchers, cooperative extension, organic farmers, and foster regional market partnerships. This project represents a community-based approach to strengthen a NE regional grain system. Seeds availalble on:

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  Kansas Wheat Commission

Modern wheat bred for uniformity and yield, dwarfed to not lodge with synthetic N, but lower in nutrition and flavor.

 Breugel, Harveters 15c

Heritage wheat with large roots to absorb organic nutrients, tall for photosynthesis and delicious flavor.

Each state state in the Northeast has a unique heritage of wheat. After researching 1700 and 1800 wheats, we discovered Cyrus Pringle's Vermont-bred wheats, the Baltic and Siberian wheats grown in Maine, 'Red Lammas' the first wheat grown in colonial Massachusetts and Elbert Carmen's 'Rural New Yorker' ­ all of which are well-adapted to each state's climate.


Elbert Carmen's 'Rural New Yorker'

 'Red Lammas' 1st wheat in colonial MA


Maine's Siberian Spring


Cyrus Pringle's 'Champlain'

 A Gift from Georgia;

Fusarium Management

How to Hand-Pollinate Wheat

  Guidelines to Restore Heritage Wheat



July 14 - Organic Wheat Breeding, Growing Grains for Beer

Locaqtion: UMass Agronomy Farm, 89-91 River Rd, north of 116, Exit 25 on 91


July 15 - Community Harvest Festival

Location: Colrain Seed Farm, 400 Adamsville Rd. Colrain, Ma

Tevis Robertson of Crabapple Farm harvesting his wheat trials. Tevis is growing the best performers from the UMass NOW trials.


MOFGA.ORG - Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association

112 spring wheat trials and 96 winter modern and landrace winter wheats trialed in 2008-10

1800s Maine Heritage Banner Wheat from the Baltic.

Join us Labor Day weekend 2011 to plant our heritage grains trials at MOFGA.

International Partner:

Cereal Genebank of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences - Dr. G. Kovacs genersouly contributed breeding genepools.

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